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Includes information for all writers.


Listen up, aspiring writers:

I know what it's like to be in your shoes. I confess!

Right now, it seems impossible to achieve your dream of becoming a rich and famous writer … or, at the very least, of admiring your byline in bold print.

How often do you say to yourself: "I don't know where to start. I need guidance, but who can I trust?"

My quick answer would be to trust me. Others have. But many of you may not know me or may have never visited any of my web sites.

That's why I offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if this book doesn't help and inspire you to take action today!

But enough about me. You can find out all you need to know about my background and reputation in the next edition.

I Want To Know About You

☞ Do you like new experiences? Is carpe diem your motto?

☞ Do you want to read about one writer's path to success? 

☞ Can you handle the hard truth about the writing life?

☞ Do you know the basics of putting together a writing plan?

☞ Why is procrastination not such a bad thing for a writer?

☞ What single quality do you need to finally get accepted? 

☞ What is the "ugly" part of writing nobody ever talks about?

☞ Why should you tell big-name publishers to take a hike?

☞ Can the riches of a writing life really exceed your dreams?

☞ Are family and friends the natural enemies of every writer?

☞ Do you want to know how NOT to make an editor's day?

☞ What 5 things must you have before quitting your day job?

☞ Why are e-books a gold mine for any aspiring writer?

☞ Is there an easy way to write a novel and, if so, what is it?

☞ What one secret word leads to success, again and again?

You'll find the answers to these questions and more in ...

"Hey! You wanna be a writer?"


Okay, if you've stayed with me this far, you now know I'm innocent and why I had to blow the whistle on the big boys in the writing world. You also should have a good idea of what you will discover in my newly revised e-book. But before you click that ORDER NOW button, let me tell you why I'm on the run.

It's the price I'm asking. 

The corporate boys say the price is way too low for all the insider information and hundreds of resources that I've included in this book. They want to ring my neck. I'm sure they'd like to wash it first, and then give it a good ring!

So to tick them off even more, I chopped $10 off the regular price and am now offering this deal for seven bucks. That's right - $7.00!

But Wait ... There's More Good News

I twisted the arm (literally!) of one of my contributing editors and she's agreed (after some crying) to add her own fabulous e-book, Rogue Writers, to this offer. This e-book by Madonna Dries Christensen gives a fascinating look at some of our most eccentric authors. Madonna is a gifted writer and author. You're going to love Rogue Writers.

And That's not all!

In addition, if you act right now, you can also download a free copy of "Copywriting 101" and "Killer Online Magazine Secrets." PLUS, I'm going to throw in an unadvertised special e-book on writing and creating your own blog.

So let's go over it one last time:

Here's exactly what you will receive when you purchase my newly  revised e-book, "Hey! You wanna be a writer?" plus the additional 4 FREE e-books —all for only $7.00. 

You will get:

 A 100% Money Back Guarantee.

$20 off the regular $27.00 price. (Now $7.00!)

✔ "Rogue Writers" e-book FREE. ($17+ value)

✔ "Copywriting 101" FREE. ($17+ value)

✔ "Killer Online Magazine Secrets" FREE. ($17+ value)

✔ "Unadvertised special e-book on blogs" FREE. ($17+ value)

✔ That's at least a $95+ value for only $7.00!


Well, it's up to you ...

Personally, I'd snatch this great offer before they take me away. I mean, what do you have to lose? And look at all that you have to gain. You may very well turn out to be the first in your writing group to buy a book from a publisher on the run!

Oh-oh! It looks as if the common-sense cops are coming now to put a stop to this criminally insane low price. 

But you still can grab it, if you act fast.

Do it right now!

Publisher On The Run

E. P. Ned Burke

P.S. This offer is totally risk-free. If you're not 100% satisfied, you get your money back. (So come on! It'll be the best 7 bucks you ever invested in yourself.

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